Thursday, February 14, 2008

You Can Help An Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Competition Finalist!

Good morning!

My My friend Jamie Kiffel could use your support! She has a yet-to-be-published novel, The Winter of Flaming Pants, Possession, and My Renegade Mind, that is a semi-finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Competition! The winner will be published by Penguin, and chosen based on customer feedback.

The link to the free chapter excerpt is:

The book is about a neurotic book editor Lucas Paisel, who believes he is possessed by the ghost of his ex-girlfriend. As extremely neurotic as Lucas is, his thoughts express certain oddball worries that we all find ourselves thinking from time to time—and perhaps, if we were to let our thoughts go just a touch further, we would become quite a bit like Lucas. Yet Lucas not only has weird thinking, he has a weird life, complete with a wacky trip through New Jersey where he finds himself in a capsized boat, abducted by a monk, and racing in a coffin. All this, and a sidekick who is everything Lucas isn’t, complete with flaming pants.

To help Jamie out, check out the excerpt and post a review. It's that simple. Support our indie authors! Thank you!!

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