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Did You Know THIS About Your Body?????? I came across this article on one of my favorite sites, as you all know is "". I pride myself on knowing "stuff" about my body but this.......this is some new stuff! So I figured, you needed to know these things about your body too. Some of it is TMI but oh well...caring is sharing! :-)

16 Unusual Facts About the Human Body
by the Editors of Publications International, Ltd.

1. Don't stick out your tongue if you want to hide your identity. Similar to fingerprints, everyone also has a unique tongue print!

2.Humans shed skin the way our pets shed hair,typically about 600,000particles per hour.
Your pet isn't the only one in the house with a shedding problem. Humans shed about 600,000 particles of skin every hour. That works out to about 1.5 pounds each year, so the average person will lose around 105 pounds of skin by age 70.

3. An adult has fewer bones than a baby. We start off life with 350 bones, but because bones fuse together during growth, we end up with only 206 as adults.

4. Did you know that you get a new stomach lining every three to four days? If you didn't, the strong acids your stomach uses to digest food would also digest your stomach.

5. Your nose is not as sensitive as a dog's, but it can remember 50,000 different scents.

6. The small intestine is about four times as long as the average adult is tall. If it weren't looped back and forth upon itself, its length of 18 to 23 feet wouldn't fit into the abdominal cavity, making things rather messy.

7. This will really make your skin crawl: Every square inch of skin on the human body has about 32 million bacteria on it, but fortunately, the vast majority of them are harmless.

8. The source of smelly feet, like smelly armpits, is sweat. And people sweat buckets from their feet. A pair of feet have 500,000 sweat glands and can produce more than a pint of sweat a day.

9. The air from a human sneeze can travel at speeds of 100 miles per hour or more -- another good reason to cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze -- or duck when you hear one coming your way.

10. Blood has a long road to travel: Laid end to end, there are about 60,000 miles of blood vessels in the human body. And the hard-working heart pumps about 2,000 gallons of blood through those vessels every day.

11. You may not want to swim in your spit, but if you saved it all up, you could. In a lifetime, the average person produces about 25,000 quarts of saliva -- enough to fill two swimming pools!

12. By 60 years of age, 60-percent of men and 40-percent of women will snore. But the sound of a snore can seem deafening. While snores average around 60 decibels, the noise level of normal speech, they can reach more than 80 decibels. Eighty decibels is as loud as the sound of a pneumatic drill breaking up concrete. Noise levels over 85 decibels are considered hazardous to the human ear.

13. Blondes may or may not have more fun, but they definitely have more hair. Hair color helps determine how dense the hair on your head is, and blondes (only natural ones, of course), top the list. The average human head has 100,000 hair follicles, each of which is capable of producing 20 individual hairs during a person's lifetime. Blondes average 146,000 follicles. People with black hair tend to have about 110,000 follicles, while those with brown hair are right on target with 100,000 follicles. Redheads have the least dense hair, averaging about 86,000 follicles.

14. If you're clipping your fingernails more often than your toenails, that's only natural. The nails that get the most exposure and are used most frequently grow the fastest. Fingernails grow fastest on the hand that you write with and on the longest fingers. On average, nails grow about one-tenth of an inch each month.

15. No wonder babies have such a hard time holding up their heads: The human head is one-quarter of our total length at birth but only one-eighth of our total length by the time we reach adulthood.

16. If you say that you're dying to get a good night's sleep, you could mean that literally. You can go without eating for weeks without succumbing, but eleven days is tops for going without sleep. After eleven days, you'll be asleep -- forever!

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Kids Chase Lemonade Stand Thief

When I saw this story I just had to share. It put a smile on my face and I felt rejuvenated. Kudos to them for standing up for themselves!! Not that it is safe to chase every thief but in this case it worked out the way that is was supposed to.

Man steals cash from kids' lemonade stand

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) - A group of Terre Haute kids were squeezed out of cash from their lemonade stand and now a man is behind bars. The children were running a lemonade stand in the Farrington Grove neighborhood when things went sour.
Dominique Morefield and her friends set up their lemonade stand at the corner of Deming and Center streets. Police said 18-year-old Steven Tryon came up to the stand and asked for their money.
"The guy comes up and was just like, 'give me your money,'" said Morefield.
He grabbed it from the girl's hands and took off running.
"I was just like, shocked. It was my immediate reaction to chase after him," said Morefield.
Morefield chased after Tryon and called police on her cell phone.
Tryon ran into a house down the street where police spent more than 45 minutes trying to coax him out. When he finally came out, police arrested him. The kids were able to identify him because they said he came to their street corner earlier that same day and tried to sell them a knife.
Tryon was taken to the Vigo County Jail. He's due in court Tuesday. He is facing a felony robbery charge.
The kids will be getting their money back, all $17.50, but they said they're just glad Tryon was caught.
"I didn't think anyone would come up to a lemonade stand and steal money. That's really low," 12-year-old Fred Erskine said.
The kids are moving their lemonade stand to a front yard and a parent will be helping them out.
Terre Haute Police said if you do see something suspicious don't hesitate to call them.
Report by Amanda Jarrett, WTHI.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Tim Russert of "Meet The Press" Dies At 58

WOW..this was way more of a shocker to me than the R Kelly verdict.

Tim Russert will be greatly missed!


NBC's Tim Russert dead at 58
He was the Washington bureau chief and moderator of ‘Meet the Press’

NBC News and MSNBC

WASHINGTON - Tim Russert, NBC News’ Washington bureau chief and the moderator of “Meet the Press,” died Friday after a sudden heart attack at the bureau, NBC News said Friday. He was 58.
Russert was recording voiceovers for Sunday’s “Meet the Press” program when he collapsed, the network said. No details were immediately available.
Russert, the recipient of 48 honorary doctorates, took over the helm of “Meet the Press” in December 1991. Now in its 60th year, “Meet the Press” is the longest-running program in the history of television.
In 2008, Time Magazine named him one of the 100 most influential people in the world.
Timothy John Russert Jr. was born in Buffalo, N.Y., on May 7, 1950. He was a graduate of Canisius High School, John Carroll University and the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. He was a member of the bar in New York and the District of Columbia.
Senate staffer before entering journalismAfter graduating from law school, Russert went into politics as a staff operative. In 1976, he worked on the Senate campaign of Daniel Patrick Moynihan, D-N.Y., and in 1982, he worked on Mario Cuomo’s campaign for governor of New York.
Russert joined NBC News in 1984. In April 1985, he supervised the live broadcasts of NBC's TODAY show from Rome, negotiating and arranging an appearance by Pope John Paul II, a first for American television. In 1986 and 1987, Russert led NBC News’ weeklong broadcasts from South America, Australia and China.
Of his background as a Democratic political operative, Russert said, “My views are not important.”
“Lawrence Spivak, who founded ‘Meet the Press,’ told me before he died that the job of the host is to learn as much as you can about your guest’s positions and take the other side,” he said in a 2007 interview with Time magazine. “And to do that in a persistent and civil way. And that’s what I try to do every Sunday.”
Cuomo, Russert’s onetime boss, wrote of Russert: “Most candidates are not eager to present themselves for Tim’s incisive scrutiny, which is fed by his prodigious study and preparation. But they have little choice: appearing on ‘Meet the Press’ is today as vital to a serious candidate as being properly registered to vote.”
Russert wrote two books — “Big Russ and Me” in 2004 and “Wisdom of Our Fathers” in 2006 — both of which were New York Times best-sellers.
Emmy for Reagan funeral coverageIn 2005, Russert was awarded an Emmy for his role in the coverage of the funeral of President Ronald Reagan. His “Meet the Press” interviews with George W. Bush and Al Gore in 2000 won the Radio and Television Correspondents’ highest honor, the Joan S. Barone Award, and the Annenberg Center’s Walter Cronkite Award.
Russert’s March 2000 interview of Sen. John McCain shared the 2001 Edward R. Murrow Award for Overall Excellence in Television Journalism. He was also the recipient of the John Peter Zenger Award, the American Legion Journalism Award, the Veterans of Foreign Wars News Media Award, the Congressional Medal of Honor Society Journalism Award, the Allen H. Neuharth Award for Excellence in Journalism, the David Brinkley Award for Excellence in Communication and the Catholic Academy for Communication’s Gabriel Award. He was a member of the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame.
Russert was a trustee of the Freedom Forum’s Newseum and a member of the board of directors of the Greater Washington Boys and Girls Club, and America’s Promise — Alliance for Youth.
In 1995, the National Father’s Day Committee named him “Father of the Year,” Parents magazine honored him as “Dream Dad” in 1998, and in 2001 the National Fatherhood Initiative also recognized him as Father of the Year.
Irish America magazine named him one of the top 100 Irish Americans in the country, and he was selected as a Fellow of the Commission of European Communities.
Russert is survived by his wife, Maureen Orth, a writer for Vanity Fair magazine, and a son, Luke.

(As seen on MSNBC)

Black Music InThe Digital Age

Happy Friday!!!

I will be sitting on this panel next week, check it out!!
Info below...

See ya!

Black Music
In The
Wednesday, June 18th 6 PM
Burson & Marstellar
230 Park Ave. South (19thSt.), NY
$10 admission for BPRSNY members $20 for non members
RSVP at or 212-614-4599
Light refreshments will be served.
BPRSNY will host a panel discussion on how the web has revolutionized
the music industry. Industry experts will explain how technology and the
digital landscape have changed the creation, promotion, delivery and
consumption of Black Music in the digital age.
Panelists include:
Raychelle LeBlanc, Univ./Motown - SheNotes Entertainment
Amanda McIntyre-Chavis, Capitol-EMI, Musaic Entertainment
James Huggins, Orpheus
Lance Pope, Ascap
Joe Wiggins, Playfair Media
Lamonda Williams, Music Choice, Moderator
Thanks to Renee Foster from Black Public Relations Society New york (BPRSNY) for pulling this panel together! Besides being one of my favorite people she is a wealth of information and always makes herself available for the greater good. :-)

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Public Relations Icon Succumbs To Cancer

Pat Tobin

PATRICIA L. TOBIN, 1943-2008 Los Angeles, CA (June 10, 2008) - Diminutive in stature, but larger than life in the field of media, public relations and community service, Patricia L. Tobin, founder of Tobin & Associates and co-founder of the National Black Public Relations Society, lost her long battle with cancer today.

For 25 years, Tobin administered her unique brand of public relations that focused on building great long-lasting relationships in the community, corporate America and Hollywood. A dedicated activist for causes that impacted minorities, women and youth, Tobin created opportunities for under served consumers and communities that resulted in corporate investment and philanthropic support for a variety of important initiatives.

In 1988, when the Toyota Corporation sought to repair its relationship with African American consumers, Tobin seized the opportunity to educate the automotive giant on the power of the Black dollar. Her efforts began a 20 year relationship with Toyota that resulted in countless community partnerships. Whether working with high profile clients like Johnnie Cochran and Spike Lee or supporting nonprofit organizations like the Los Angeles NAACP and Urban League, Tobin’s energy and tireless work ethic contributed greatly to the projects success. Her professional success is overshadowed only by her love and commitment to her family and the encouragement and confidence she instilled in everyone she encountered.

Tobin & Associates is one of the most prominent minority, female-owned public relations firms in the nation. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations be made to the following: Pat Tobin Scholarship Fund or Pat Tobin Memorial Fund, 4929 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 245, Los Angeles, CA 90010. Final arrangements for Patricia L.


Tobin are pending. Darren Dickerson

Tisha Newberry 857-0869

(As seen in Elbow Grease Productions Newsletter)

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Apple Stores Hold Black Music Month Concerts Across The US

Apple Stores across country holding Black Music Month concerts
By Jeff Smykil Published: June 02, 2008 - 07:10PM CT

One of the things that sets Apple apart from other retailers is the in-house music events they hold at their stores, which include the iTunes Live concerts series. This month, in recognition of Black Music Month, Apple stores are hosting a variety of concerts around the country featuring various African American artists. The concerts are being held primarily in larger cities such as Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, New York, and Santa Monica. One smaller venue will be getting a single show: the Apple Store, Somerset, in Troy, Michigan. Apple's recently opened Boston shop, now the largest Apple Store in the world, is noticeably missing from the list of venues.

Some of the higher-profile performances are from acts such as Wyclef Jean (Apple Store, Soho - June 9, 7:00PM), MC Lyte (Aple Store, Third Street Promenade - June 20, 7:00PM), Talib Kweli (Apple Store, SoHo - June 25, 6:00PM), and former Destiny's Child member Michelle Williams (Apple Store, North Michigan Avenue, June 28, 7:00PM).
A full schedule can be viewed at the retail events page.

The concerts seem to be free to the public (no mention of admission) but are limited by space; attendees will be admitted on a first-come, first-served basis. There are 24 concerts total.

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Why Hillary Shouldn't Be Obama's VP...

What do you think???

Why Hillary Shouldn't Be Obama's VP

Of Whiners and Poor Losers


It’s kind of bizarre reading about supposed “feminists” who are reportedly claiming they’ll vote for McCain rather than Obama, now that “their” candidate, Hillary Clinton, is out of the running for the presidential nomination.

First of all, John McCain is clearly the candidate of the anti-abortion crowd, but that’s not the half of it. He’s also the candidate who says Anthony Scalia, John Roberts and Sam Alito are his kind of judges. We’re talking here about guys (yeah, guys) who think a woman’s place is in the home, and who only recently ruled that if she’s discriminated against on the job, and doesn’t learn about it for a decade or more, a woman can’t do anything about it, because the original offense of underpaying her happened more than 180 days ago. McCain is also the guy who, after his wife suffered a serious car crash and became disabled, dumped her for a younger, richer woman. A feminist’s dream, this guy.

And how about Hillary Clinton? When she was supposedly getting her “White House experience”—you know, the “co-presidency” she was supposedly part of during the eight years her husband was president and she was First Lady—she and Bill oversaw the “end of welfare as we know it.” What that fine piece of legislation did was limit people to five years on the dole. That’s for life. It doesn’t matter what misfortune befalls you later on.
Now many single women left to raise kids by fathers who either ditch them or who never stepped up to the plate as fathers in the first place, have a hard time, between lack of adequate child care facilities and discrimination on the job, keeping the rent paid and food on the table. Many of them need government assistance well beyond that five years—a period of time not long enough to even get one kid into full-time school, much less two or three. That didn’t matter to Hillary, the great champion of women. She and Bill were busy triangulating and figuring out how to keep their White House position, and that meant selling out poor people, and especially poor women with kids. Welfare had to go.

Even on abortion rights, Clinton has been a waffler. In 2000, running for Senate in New York, she said she would be a staunch defender of the right to choose. But by 2004, she was saying abortion was a “tragic” choice, and was supporting parental notification laws for minors seeking abortion—a position she continues to hold. But abortion isn’t a “tragic choice” for everyone. For some women—rape and incest victims, or women who are victims of abuse come readily to mind—abortion may be a blessed relief. For some, it may be no more tragic than an appendectomy—and it should be no harder to get, or to pay for than one either. There is a reason why the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) voted unanimously to endorse Obama, who has said abortion rights are about more than just women’s right to control their own bodies, but are about basic issues of equality.
What the cries of “McCain, McCain!” by disappointed Clinton backers really represent is an example of sour grapes, as well as of a certain perhaps hidden element of racism. It is as if blacks, had Obama been the loser in this nomination battle, were to say, “That’s it, we’re voting for McCain!”

Obviously, African-American candidates have had to endure this problem for years. When their candidate, whether it was Jesse Jackson, or Shirley Chisolm, or Ted Kennedy, was defeated, they have had to look to their broader interests and decide whether to vote Republican, sit out the election, or just shrug and vote for the winning Democrat. Consistently, they have chosen the third option, disappointment after disappointment.

Blacks are supposed to stick with the Democrats, no matter what. Clinton backers, however, don’t feel handcuffed in this way. Some of them, apparently, feel free to abandon all their liberal principles and vote for a right-wing, anti-abortion, fundamentalist Christian-coddling warmonger if they don’t get the candidate they want from the Democrats.
If these grousers and poor losers in the Clinton camp thought honestly about it for even a moment, they’d realize that had Clinton won the most delegates, and if African-American and liberal, educated white backers of Obama, in response, were to adopt their position and bolt to McCain, Clinton would be a historical asterisk, with no chance of being elected.
In the end, I suspect that most of the whining and the threats to switch to McCain represent only a small, if vocal, minority. The truth is, in the course of 54 primaries, Obama won a majority of female voters—a point rarely made in media reports on this contest. The same can be said of those “white—hard working white” voters who supposedly went for Hillary Clinton in states like West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio. In fact, numerically speaking, Obama won more of those white, working class voters than did either John Kerry or Al Gore before him. Meanwhile, many of those male voters who voted for Hillary Clinton are probably people who were going to vote Republican in the fall anyhow. There was an organized campaign, after all, by Republican activists, to throw the election to Clinton, who was seen as being easier to defeat in the fall than Obama. That effort almost certainly gave Clinton her narrow win in Indiana, and padded her margins in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

As for Clinton’s fallback position of trying to make herself the vice-presidential candidate on a “dream” Obama-Clinton ticket, Obama would have to be crazy to go for it. Clinton brings nothing but disaster to the Obama campaign. He doesn’t need her to win New York, New Jersey or California, all of which he will win by a landslide without her in November. He doesn’t need her for Illinois (her home state, whatever efforts she made to try to pretend she was a rural Pennsylvanian during that state’s primary). She certainly doesn’t help him in the south, with the possible exception of Florida. She doesn’t bring any “balance” to the ticket, given that both senators have almost identical voting records on domestic issues. And as for the swing states—Virginia, Wisconsin, Colorado, New Mexico, Missouri, Ohio, Indiana, etc.—she may do more damage than good, given the number of independents and Republicans who have been drawn to Obama, but who have negative feelings about the Clintons. Moreover, with the right vice-presidential candidate—and it’s not Clinton—Obama may even have a shot at not just Virginia, but also North Carolina and even Mississippi—states where the percentage of black voters is high enough that, with an energized black voter turnout, the liberal Democratic vote could be enough to turn the trick.

The Hillary Clinton campaign has all along been about entitlement. She began her race for the White House acting as though it was a coronation—something she deserved after enduring eight years in the White House as second fiddle to husband Bill. Now, having been defeated, she’s acting like she deserves second fiddle. But the truth is, Clinton, by her shabby appeals to racist voters, by her resort to red-baiting of her opponent, and finally by her refusal to denounce and apologize for her shameless and calculating backing for the invasion of Iraq, has rendered her unfit for a spot on the Democratic ticket.

Obama can do much better than that. Yes he can.

Dave Lindorff is a Philadelphia-based journalist. His latest book is “The Case for Impeachment” (St. Martin’s Press and now available in paperback edition). His work is available at

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How Stuff

I love this site! Check it out when you get a chance. Below is an interesting article from the site about what would happen if we didn't bath!


What if I never took a bath?
by Katherine Neer

Your initial thought as you ponder this question might involve the word "gross." Beyond the immediate ramifications involving odors and a marked decline in social invitations from friends and family members, are concerns of a more serious nature -- the health variety.

Think about what's going to happen if you decide to stop bathing:

You'll smell bad.
Your skin and hair gets dirtier and dirtier.
Your chance of infection goes up.
You'll probably itch a lot more, and this could lead to an even higher risk of infection.
Consider what's going to get and remain dirty if you never bathe. The average human body is covered by about 20 square feet (2 square meters) of skin containing about 2.6million sweat glands. In addition to sweat glands, your skin houses thousands of tiny hairs.

You are constantly sweating, even though you may not notice it. There are two kinds of sweat glands all over your body -- eccrine and apocrine. The sweat from apocrine glands contains proteins and fatty acids, which make it thick and give it a milky or yellowish color. This is why underarm stains in clothing appear yellowish. It turns out that sweat itself has no odor. Then why, you may ask, is a sweaty person so smelly? When the bacteria on your skin and hair metabolize the proteins and fatty acids, they produce an unpleasant odor.

An average person can sweat something like 1 to 3 liters per hour depending on the surrounding climate. Let's say you're sweating as much as 3 liters every hour. Because your skin, along with the hair all over your body, is sticky with sweat, it's probably picking up even more grunge than usual. Now we're just talking surface grime here -- regular old dirt. What about the other germs and microorganisms your skin regularly plays host to? For the most part, these bacteria, fungi and yeasts prove no major threat as long as they remain on the skin's surface. However, if they reach the bloodstream, that can be quite a different story.

There are a number of things that can make a person itch. Anyone can get chiggers or ringworm. Normally, this isn't such a big deal. Get some medicated ointment and you will be fine. But if you're on a bathing hiatus and you're already quite itchy, either one of these conditions could send you into a scratching frenzy. You might scratch so much that you break your skin's surface. Now, let's say you have some serious bacteria hanging around in all that grime -- perhaps, staphylococcus. If it were to enter your bloodstream through the open scratches, the situation could even become fatal. The chances of this happening, though, are probably fairly small.

All of that aside, it's highly likely the stink factor is enough to send you scurrying for the soapsuds on a regular basis.

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Liz Trotta Apologizes on Foxs News for Obama Comment

Below is the apology for Obama comment..

Outrage Over Comment Made On Foxs News..

What in the world is going on here????

It's comments like these that continue to perpetuate this negativity. In addition, it is irresponsible journalism and I agree with the woman that wrote to Fox News in that we need to speak up on matters such as these in the press. It's NOT ok!

On May 25, 2008 at approximately 10:57 AM, Liz Trotta on a Fox News political show made a vile and despicable threat that "Barack OBama and OSama both need to be killed".