Thursday, February 7, 2008

Gain Muscle, Increase Stamina and Burn Fat?? ASN does it all!!

For all of you that are standing firm in your resolutions for the New Years congarts! Advanced Strength Nutrition may be just the thing you need to aid you in your comittment! Check it out. Some tools of the trade to help burn off and shed those extra pounds. Make sure that you check out the site and see what folks have to say about the product at the bottom of the blog! Cheers!

Test Juice 1000
The Ultimate Testosterone Igniter
Take your physical performance to the next level, both in the gym AND in the bed!

ASN ingredients make up a groundbreaking combination used to produce the greatest results. Other companies are depriving the consumer of results by only using one or two good ingredients, and then adding fluff or filler ingredients to "beef up" the ingredient count.
In addition, companies also try to create “chemical” alternatives to steroids, with long hard-to-read names made up of letters, dashes, and numbers. It takes two minutes to read what the chemical is from start to finish. This is totally against our philosophy!

Test Juice 1000 has the ultimate blend of ingredients to boost your testosterone levels to tremendous heights, which will help you to achieve the physique that you desire. Through our unique blend of hormone precursors, amino acids and natural testosterone boosters, you can experience these amazing benefits:

Gain Muscle Mass – Increased testosterone levels allow you to gain muscle mass quicker, which means you get bigger, faster. Who doesn’t want a more muscular, hardened physique?

Gain Strength – Not only will increased testosterone help make your muscles bigger, but it will help give them the strength to back up your newly enhanced appearance. You will lift more, more easily.

Increase Stamina – Your larger, stronger muscles will be more efficient which means you can workout harder and longer.

Recover More Quickly – Higher testosterone levels means your body can rebuild muscles faster, which means you can workout more frequently, taking less time off from the gym.

Increase Focus – Not only will you be able to workout more often, but you will have the absolute desire to do so. Higher testosterone levels will give you the energy and aggression you need to get yourself into the gym and pumping iron with intense focus!

Better Sexual Performance – Increased testosterone levels will shift your bedroom performance into overdrive! You will experience increased sexual drive and stamina!

Ultimate Cut 5000
The Ultimate Fat Burner
Melts fat away to reveal a chiseled body!

Ultimate Cut 5000 gives you the perfect blend of ingredients to support your weight loss goals, leaving you with a sexy, defined body. Our formula helps all aspects of achieving the ripped body you desire, which means you can experience all of the following benefits:

Increased Metabolism – Ultimate Cut 500 can help speed up your metabolism incredibly, which helps you turn your body into a fat-burning machine.

Suppressed Appetite – This product can also help you to stop overeating, which is essential for the ripped body that you desire.

Curved Cravings – Our product can support you in curving your cravings for sugary foods. Stopping these cravings means you can torch your fat, revealing your muscularity.

Fast Weight Loss – With an increased metabolism and suppressed appetite, you can watch the fat melt away, leaving you with a shredded body!

More Energy – Out formula also includes supplements that can support you in gathering the energy and motivation you need to exercise. Combined with your increased metabolism, increasing the frequency and intensity of your exercises make it much easier to quickly that that toned body you dream of.

Here is what they are saying about ASN's TestJuice 1000 & Ultimate Cuts 5000....

"Ultimate Cut 5000 is amazing! I don't feel like I'm bouncing off the walls and my workouts have been more intense and you really start to see results pretty quick. I've tried lots of fat burners and this is by far, the best I've taken."

"Testjuice 1000 to me is by far the best product i have ever used. It has put me in a zone that i never been or felt before, asfar as strength and endurance."

"Product is Awesome! It unleashes your body's true potential. After a few weeks on it my focus and stamina has dramtically improved for the better. I feel great and my is looking great after 8 weeks. Sex stamina is CRAZY!"

"Testjuice1000 took me to another level in my training for better result."

For more information & testimonials check out or email


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