Monday, February 4, 2008

Learn The Truth About Urban Myths And Rumors Once And For All :-)

Ok, I have stumbled across this REALLY cool site that is extremely addictive. It's called (see link below) and it can dispell or confirm the kazillion "Urban Myths" and rumors that we get in our inboxes every day. Check it out...

You can investigate any rumor or myth and it will give you a detailed report on the origin of the rumor and the real facts behind the story. I love it!!!! I can eat chinese food again now that I have discovered that rumor about the rats being packaged in an Atlanta Chinese restaurant are totally false!!! Sing I come!

Let me know what you think???


BIG CED said...

Some people are just late, I suppose...... :)

SheNotes Entertainment said...

Ced, you are always supposing :-)