Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Big Ced wants to know, Who Would You Rather?

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So, before I lose my mojo again (which is unlikely), i want to hit you again with 'who would you rather' as I have some matchups that I am sure you will enjoy in the future. This is becoming fun for me again! The creative juices are coming back like an unexpected New York Giant Super Bowl win!!
I also want to see some of your suggestions so hit me up or leave a comment as I am sure that with whatever matchups you come up with, I will come up with better ones!

Anita Baker or Sade?
Both have the type of voice that can get you in the mood or reminisce of a past or current (or future) love and both can make you feel emotional while seeing and hearing them at a show and/or concert. The jazz influence and vocal styling of both singers can’t be denied and you can’t go wrong either way.

Jaheim or Christopher Williams?
Both count Teddy Pendergrass and Luther Vandross as influences, both come from ‘meager’ backgrounds and both, if caught on the wrong side on a bad day, can attack you physically with the type of attitude that can be seen on a ghetto street corner on a hot, sunny, muggy day.

LL Cool Jay or Jay-Z?
No doubt these two Hip-Hop artists are legendary for doing what they both are credited with doing. Both have been attacked by rivals for the better part of their careers and both can give a great argument as to who is the better Hip-Hop artist and/or greatest at what they do. Is the choice as tough as one may seem?

B.E.T. or VH1?
This may have been a no-brainer several years ago before VH1 decided to showcase the older soul/R & B videos as well as The VH1 Hip Hop Honors. Would you decide between the popularity of what Hip-Hop has to offer today or the nostalgically programmed shows?

Beyonce or Mary J. Blige?
Queen of Hip-Hop Soul versus Queen of Modern Day R & B? Puff/P Diddy/Sean Combs’ Mary or Jay-Z/Jigga/Hova’s Beyonce? Jiggles versus Soul-Wrenching? Substance versus Substance? J No one can deny the effect both women have had on Black music as well as our emotions, whether it’s the video gazing, show-stopping performances of Miss Knowles or the Soul Strirrin’, Get Deep inside your gut vocals of Miss Blige.

Big Daddy Kane or Rakim?
For you youngsters out there, if it weren’t for these two legends, there never would have been a Jay-Z versus Nas comparison. In fact, I would go as far to say that Nas emulated Rakim and Jay emulated Kane. But this isn’t about Jay or Nas. Which did you prefer, the complicated yet knowledgeable verses of The God MC, Rakim or the metaphoric, pimp-style expressions of the Brooklyn-based Big Daddy Kane?

Kid Capri or Funkmaster Flex?
Obviously Flex (Hot 97-NY) has the longer and more successful radio career than Kid Capri (WBLS-NY) and obviously, when it comes to mixtapes, if it weren’t for Kid Capri, who knows how the mixtape game would be today without Capri’s influence. But, who would you hire to rock your party?

Roger Troutman or T-Pain?
Now, once again, this is homework for you young people out there who thinks T-Pain originated the ‘sound’ he utilizes for his ‘success’ in this watered down ‘music’ realm today. Was Roger Troutman able to sing? At the time he came out, it was very rare, if not impossible to mask talent the way the industry allows the shortcomings of today’s artists. And out of respect to Teddy Riley, who used this technique long before T was in pain, whose voice would you rather hear?

Taye Diggs or Morris Chestnut?
These two actors (Which I have witnessed while in the company of women) have the ability to make women swoon by them showing up on the television and/or movie screen. I have heard woman fawn over the two of them equally but for the guys, which would you bring to the party with you to score points with the women? And women, which one would you invite to your best friend’s wedding to attend as your date? oh yeh, who is the better actor too?

Remy Ma or Rah Digga?
These rappers were the respective lone female emcee in their crew. Both of them can go toe to toe with a number of male emcees, even able to take out everyone in their crew and go blow for blow with some top male rappers, let alone the female lyricists in the game, but which one would you pick if you had to have one rhyming side by side with you or which one would you rather hear demolish your least favorite rapper?

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