Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My YOU Cube in the New Year.

Can you already believe that it is 2009. Middle of January at that.

I am so excited. Just because.

There is something to be said for new beginnings. The best part is that NEW beginnings can happen when ever we want, not just yearly or quarterly. While moving through life it's real easy to fall it the same old physical and mental patterns. We get stuck and before you know it, other's are defining who you are and what you need to be.

Just because others keep us in a box doesn't mean that we have to stay there. We are often times the worst offenders! No one limits us more than we do. Free yourself and bust out of the YOU Cube! It's a beautiful thing. It's so liberating and it works.

Now....beware, the folks that keep you in that cube will be thrown for a loop but it's all good. Your best buds move and grow with you so don't fret. Once the dust clears the folks that are supposed to be there will still be there.

So I have committed to make ME a project. Each day I am going to examine something that is in my YOU Cube that needs to be removed! My commitment to starting fresh every day. My objective is not to carry over any grudges, hard feelings, negative thoughts etc. into the next day. All fresh and new..lol. I'm working through some things! :-)

I have chosen to share this so that the people closest to me can keep me honest and make me accountable. This will be a real challenge for me but I am looking forward to the growth.

Wish me luck!!!


So..wish me luck. I will check in from time to time.

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