Thursday, January 15, 2009

DJ Premier on Thermal Soundwaves

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Texas native, Brooklyn crafted hip hop icon DJ Premier of Gangstarr dropped by to share his jewels on sustaining a successful career in the music game. Premier also reminisced on the early days of Gangstarr and having fist fights with his partner Guru who are still close to this day. However, Premier was not too fond of Solar who runs with Guru now, find out why. In addition to that get Premier's thoughts on D'Angleo, Angie Stone, being a hip hop artist on a major label before that was the norm, staying fit, pressing vinyl, his group NYG's, running a label, how the video for Dwyck came about, working & hanging with Christina Aguilera, turning down Limp Biscuit at first, getting drunk with Notorious BIG in 1992, and how his beef with Wynton Marsalis got settled. There is a whole lot more but you have to listen to find out exactly what. Give your ears some entertainment. Then log on to: for what's to come in the future. Cheers!

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