Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What have you learned that you would want to pass on??

“If you had the chance to impart your wisdom to the world to leave as your legacy, what lessons have you learned that you’d want to pass on to humanity?”

Jen Blackhert's Top 10 Lessons for Humanity

1. TRUTH: Let go of all your inner struggles or fights by accepting what is. What IS the truth? When you accept what is, you can then choose to keep what you may not want or change it. So be impeccable with your true word, so you can accept and see what is – this will allow you to make conscious decisions to change it what you don’t like. “..the truth will set you free.” John 8:32

2. PASSION: Listen to the desires and passions in your heart. There is reason for these passions – you see — your passions are your divine path. Spirit guides us with our feelings within – go within or go without.

3. SEE: See yourself living your dreams now. Hold the vision and make your decisions based on what you see. It really is that simple.

4. EXPERIENCE: Too often we find ourselves “doing” things and not “experiencing” life. Be in life and stop “doing” things to get things done. The great Taoist master Lao Tzu said, “Do without doing.”

5. GIVE: When you give yourself, your gifts and gratitude the universe send opportunities and rewards in abundance for all areas of life.

6. RECEIVE: When we can do both give and receive openly — life flows with ease. Be open to every opportunity to give and receive.

7. LOVE: Fall in love with everything that is in your life. This includes the people you interact with, your environment, work, life and even how you operate you. Take time to take inventory of what you tolerate and what you don’t love, then remove what you aren’t in love with.

8. POWER: We are more powerful than we may ever know. Too often we allow illusions such as fear, doubt and worry to creep in. When you understand these are just feeling in your human body and they are not you — you can shift your emotions positively and stand in your power.

9. JOY: Allow life to be simple, easy and FUN. Do what you want. Love the life you lead. Stop following the rules of the world and march to your drummer.

10. PRACTICE CHANGING YOUR MIND: Know the techniques you need to change your subconscious habit and behaviors so you can live a life of personal freedom.

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