Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Parenting 101 - Contract included. :-)

OK, these rules, in the form or a contract, that were set forth today by my cousin Rose to her 2 boys ages 7 and 12. The family is in full support so they will be held accountable to this contract by EVERYONE!
I laughed hysterically but she is absolutley correct in setting guidelines. You would have to know her (and the boys, especially the youngest one) to understand but none the less, here is a contract for all of the parents out there that have just had it!!!
This should be interesting. :-)
The Rules

You must maintain a c average, as well as citizenship. If you receive any grade below a C you will be put on restriction for 30 days, B’s will receive $5 dollars each and A’s will receive $10 each and every progress report. If teachers call home for any negative reason you will be restricted for 2 weeks, for every additional phone call that is negative, a week will be added on. Example: one phone call 2 weeks, two phone calls 3 weeks etc. One book will be chosen by me weekly for you to read during family reading time.
Home work is to be done before 7pm unless circumstances do not allow it. If it is not done by this time, $1 will be deducted from your allowance, if it happens twice in one week you will be restricted for the week

Duties at home
You will have days and chores assigned to you, the chores will need to be completed before you do anything else other than home work, there will be a certain amount of time that you are given to complete these tasks, if you are asked to do additional chores or something different you will comply immediately with out question. Upon completion you will receive $5 every Saturday night, if they are not completed or you do not do them in the allotted time you will be restricted for the week and $1 will be deducted for every day that work is not done. If you see things were they don’t belong or messed up fix it clean it up take pride in your house and your things.

When you are on restriction (or grounded) you will NOT be allowed to watch television, talk on the phone, play any video games, play on the computer, go over any ones house, have company, you may have extra chores, and no extra snacks. I will talk to grandpa, and other family to make sure we are all on the same page and your restriction follows you. If you break any of these rules while grounded like sneaking on the phone or computer, a week will be added on to your time and you will loose your allowance for that week. Although you are restricted you will still be able to earn your allowances if you follow the rules while grounded.

Punishment consist of: staying in your room only, spending time on the wall, push ups, running, writing, reading the dictionary and writing sentences, washing walls steaming curtains or clothes, and anything else that is asked of you. If you back talk, or do not follow anyone’s instruction you will be immediately punished, by the adult in charge of you. Let’s not forget you are not too old for corners and there is nothing to do there.

Treat people how you want to be treated;
I have noticed that over this past year the disrespect giving to me by my children has gotten completely out of hand it has also been brought to my attention and mentioned by many other family members, teachers, and friends that my children are very disrespectful regularly, to others, and mostly towards me, this is going to end, I work too hard and do too much for you guys, and am too nice a parent to be treated badly by my children. I have tried to be more than fair and the methods that I have been using to discipline you so far and you are just not mature enough for. You are not to speak to ANY adults disrespectfully not teachers, or anyone whose care you are under. If I have a friend or anyone that I have given authority over you, you are to listen to them the first time they speak without resistance or back talk. When an adult gives you direction or orders you DO NOT need to check the with me or double question what they have asked of you even if I am home there is no need ask me the same question, also you both have a habit of undermining people and being sneaky or manipulative this will also stop. If you do not listen, or you attempt to take advantage of a person or situation you will be punished and put on restriction. If I or any other adult gives you direct instructions, you are to respond with yes ma’am or yes sir. Let’s understand that we are not equals and I do not have to follow your rules nor do I have to answer any of your questions, you both need to learn to stay in a child’s place and when to shut your mouth. I am the boss

Changes And Other rules
These rules will be posted implemented and followed, so you can not say you didn’t know.
You will not be left alone at home, neither of you are mature enough for that, also you will not be around adult conversation.
If the week is good we will have family night were we can go bowling play games have company, watch movies, go swimming, family work out time, play time, reading time and other fun stuff. I will listen to your ideas for that. Also we are going to begin going to church again I expect you both to participate with an open heart. I want to be able to have fun with you and do things with and for you but you have to work for it and your behavior MUST be respectful, appropriate, and deserving of these privileges. You must ask to watch movies or shows, listen to music, with cursing or anything else not for children and you must ask to use the phone, computer, or get something to eat or drink, also eat at the table unless told otherwise.

There are no sides with kids only right or wrong and what we say, so I do not want to hear any negative comments about anything if you do not get your way, this is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.
OK here are some examples of reasonable response to instruction that are acceptable:
Yes ma’am, or yes mama, here I come, I will get to in one minute, and I am working on it.

You will come directly home from school unless you have permission or you are after school with a teacher. Do not talk any family business out of the house; also do not talk negatively about any adults or discus adult business with others. No wrestling in the house or at school it is not always play time you need to learn self control, if you are not getting along with someone even your brother then you need to take time away from that person. There will be no cursing, rolling eyes, mean faces, or sucking teeth. When any one calls you, your response should be yes or yes ma’am nothing else. Also unacceptable behavior is slamming doors, storming off, talking under your breath, making unnecessary comments, speaking out of turn, getting smart, making faces, taking about adults in a negative manner, and just blatantly doing what you want when you want, this behavior will be disciplined, if you break these rules you will face punishment and restriction. There maybe rules added on as well. And if you should forget you can sit in the corner and re read the rules.
This is not a democracy and the things that I or adults tell you to do are not up for discussion and we are not in need of your opinion, you both learn how to keep your mouth shut we don’t always care to hear what you have to say.

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