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Swine Flu Virus - Pharmaceutical Cartel Up To Its Old Tricks

This article is from Dheyuty Ma-at Ra. I frequent the site and was really interesting in hearing what he had to say about the "Swine Flu". it is.
The site is a great resource for detoxing, alternative medicine and everything holistic.

by Djehuty Ma'at-Ra.

So here we are again faced with another man-made and concocted swine flu virus scam and scare. First of all let me say that I don't believe in so-called viruses such as the HIV virus, AIDS virus, or herpes virus. From my research these are not the same kinds of things (alleged viruses) that are concocted and stored in virus banks and purposely let loose on the society.
Herpes appears to be a microorganism infection (especially genital herpes) and blood disorder, AIDS is the result of dangerous medical drugs impairing the immune system, and HIV only exists in name only.

Viruses such as swine flu are concocted by bio-chemical warfare specialists in laboratories. They (bio-chemical engineers/specialists) have been doing this for a very long time.
This most recent swine flu frenzy is a public health scare tactic to terrorize the fragile-minded public and push the government-Big Pharma agenda. This is all this is, folks!
Swine flu virus is nothing but an attempt to get a national flu vaccine program legislated. Since the American people won't vote for it, government and the pharmaceutical industry will simply attempt to scare the people into accepting their national flu vaccine program which will bring in billions of dollars (or Ameros) for the pharmaceutical companies.

NOTE: The Amero is the proposed new currency for the North American Union that is in the works. The North American Union will replace the sovereign de facto nations of Canada, the United States, and Mexico and the Amero currency will replace the currencies of all three nations including our Federal Reserve Note (dollar bill). The North American Union is basically a corporate merger between three major corporations called nations or countries. To learn more about this, watch the video "The Cause and Effect of Hijacking Humanity" available from

There was an attempt back in 1976 under the Gerald Ford Administration to launch a national flu vaccine program. The public didn't fall for the BS back in 1976! But a lot of chemicals have been added to the food, water supplies, candies and gums, and commercial beverages and what we listen to on the radio and watch on television since 1976 has become more toxic (degenerate) so the Leaders/Rulers (of the Matrix) think we may be ready to buy into their BS because our minds have been so conditioned and our brains so impaired.

Since a flu vaccine program is based upon a vaccine, who would manufacture that vaccine? Would it not be some pharmaceutical company? Of course it would! And would the vaccine serum be made for free? Hell no! It would cost money! Health care, medical treatment, and medical research are big money makers in the world, especially in the United States where people are so successfully conditioned to pop a pill for every little ailment.
Another thing the people need to know, in case they don't know already, is that pharmaceutical companies purchase their influence using the media. After all, they have the mega bucks - all thanks to the loyal pill poppers of drugs.

I mean, after all, pharmaceutical companies couldn't remain rich absent profit that happens to be the lifeblood of business. It is people who keep these pharmaceutical companies in business and power. That's right! People! People who are not responsible for their own health! People who are ignorant! People who blindly trust! People who are frightened and scared to death! People who are, simply put, unconscious! People who are oblivious, apparently, that the human body is not made up of any drugs. No part of the human body is made up of drugs. No part of the human brain is made up of aspirin. No part of the female reproductive tract is made up of the drug 'Midol.' No part of the male reproductive system, including the penis, is made up of 'Viagra.' We are not made of chemical drugs, people!

Pharmaceutical drugs, unlike Nature's herbs, are not carbon-based and thus cannot be assimilated into the body.

Right now in the media you are purposely hearing these words: "Right now there is no vaccine for this strain of swine flu." You are hearing this on purpose! The government and the pharmaceutical cartel (a/k/a Big Pharma) want the people to demand that a vaccine be created and ultimately that legislation be passed whereby the vaccine is made mandatory, perhaps even for newborns in hospitals. The entire nation would be made to follow the model of the criminal enterprise called the State of Maryland which forces vaccinations on all schoolchildren, even against the parent's wishes, and at gunpoint too. Read about this more in detail in my upcoming article entitled "Beware the New Childhood Vaccine Agenda." A lot more American children born to unconscious, ignorant, confused, and in some cases, "stupid as hell" parents (that really had no business birthing a child into the world) will develop autism and other neurological disorders.

Don't mind my words, those of you with overly sensitive ears. Focus on the content!
Again, in the media you are purposely hearing the words: "Right now there is no vaccine for this strain of swine flu." But would a new vaccine really have to be created? Knowing the criminal and sinister antics of the pharmaceutical drug companies and how they do things, they already have vaccines waiting and all they would need to do is simply select one or two vaccines and put them on the market. Big Pharma via the corporate sponsored and controlled media are already prescribing two drugs for this scam including the drug "Tamiflu," a/k/a/ Oseltamivir.

Just as AIDS (as a scare tactic) was created to reintroduce a deadly cancer drug, AZT, they're at it again attempting to create an epidemic (swine flu virus) in order to introduce a new vaccine for the virus, and that new vaccine may be an old one, one already in existence but not yet marketed to the public.

"But Djehuty, what about those 2000 cases of swine flu virus reported in Mexico?" What about them? Who are these people? What is their medical history?

According to Brasscheck TV:

"Many millions of them [in Mexico] live in crushing poverty, poor health and with poor sanitary conditions. 1,000 "cases" (which is higher than the so-far reported number) equals 0.005% of the population. 60 deaths equals 0.0003% of the population. And, of the few deaths, no one has mentioned who these casualties are. Are they elderly or infirm people who could just as easily be killed by the common cold or a slip and fall? It makes a difference."
For real news, I highly recommend you sign up for Brasscheck TV

There's no need to be frightened by swine flu virus. It's nothing but a media scare tactic promulgated and financed by Big Pharma so as to introduce a national flu vaccine program and thus a new swine flu vaccine. God made your defense (immune) system to ward off foreign invaders. Just focus on keeping your so-called immune system healthy, fortified, and boosted and you'll be all right! Just remember: "What you fear will appear!" Job the Prophet of the Bible said: "The thing I have feared has come upon me!" People, we attract what we fear!
Fear, worry, and stress also weaken and impair the immune system. You've probably already heard about this but I'm here to tell you that it is factual.

Stop listening to idiots on the radio airwaves like Tom Joyner and others of his ilk that propose taking a loved one to the doctor. For what? To keep the doctor in business and rich while the loved one stays sick, weak, and incapacitated?

I'll say it again: doctors, hospitals, pharmacists, and drug companies cannot and will not tolerate health and wellbeing, for these states threaten their livelihoods and threaten to put them out of business. THEY NEED YOU SICK TO STAY IN BUSINESS!

Well or healthy people don't take drugs. Conscious people don't take drugs because they know all drugs are poisonous. The drug container (box or bottle) has written on it in fine small print: "IN CASE OF ACCIDENTAL OVERDOSE, CONTACT A POSION CONTROL CENTER!"
Now why in the world would you be contacting a poison control center if you weren't consuming poison? Shouldn't you be contacting a "medicine control center?"
It's time to start thinking, People.

Pertaining to swine flu virus, as rap group Public Enemy said: "DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE!"
Eat healthy, preferably organic raw foods and vegan foods. Drink good drinking water, preferably alkaline water. Detoxify your body with herbs at least 2-4 times per year. Think positive! Have a positive attitude! Live righteous! Stay away from negative and toxic people! Start thinking independently! Operate from love, knowingness (knowledge), and self-power and not fear, ignorance, and powerlessness. is always here for you and we will always bring you the raw truth in the form of information.

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Thank you for reading!

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