Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Daily Dandy

Hey guys,
Check out my friends new blog. Now...I have to admit that he blogs waaaaay more than I do and has some really neat stuff on his spot but I am willing to share my readership with him! :-)
I have taken the liberty of posting one of his latest....enjoy.

Benjamin Andre, on half of the the downsouth rap group Outkast has launched his clothing line Benjamin Bixby. I know what you are thinking, WTF!!! Didn't he already have a clothing line. The answer is yes and no.
The Outkast line with the big "O" on the front was kinda weird and I remember seeing this homeless guy with one of the hoodies on recently. Mr. 3000 has redeemed himself with his latest entry into the fashion world.

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Kool.Kid.Kris said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE his clothing line! To be honest I am totally mesmorized for 7.7 seconds (attention span is short) for all that is Andre 3000 Benjamin; the clothes, diction, music and he's a fellow Gemini :-) Ok, back to my normally actually abnormally scheduled program.