Thursday, August 7, 2008

Summer Songstresses

Summer Songstresses
Dominga Martin

Girls just want to have fun and this Summer and beyond, the ladies are taking over the music scene. Press play on some of these new releases and those who continue to rule the radio.

Hailing from the Westside of London, Estelle broke out with her debut album Shine after signing to Grammy winner John Legend’s Homeschool Label. Her hit single “American Boy”, featuring Kanye West continues to invade music charts all over the world including the UK. Check out Estelle in the new Levi’s campaign “Unbuttoned” and as one of the stars participating in the Candie’s Foundation fall/winter campaign.

Keri Hilson

Ms. Hilson made her mark as the writer behind numerous hits including “Take Me As I Am” (Mary J Blige) and Brittney’s come back hit “Gimme More.” She made her singingsong writer debut with super producer Timbaland’s video “The Way I Are” and joined the Pussycat Dolls in his savvy track “Scream”. Now it’s her turn! Her current single “Energy” is burning up video-waves, paving the way for her debut album In a Perfect World…this September.

Janelle Monáe

Bad Boy has a new Bad Girl and she’s an Atlanta native that goes by the name Janelle Monáe. When she received an inquiry on Myspace by Diddy himself--of course she didn’t believe it was him! As fate would have it, he found her and offered her a deal. Her Afro-Punk feel is both chic and electrifying. Release date: August 12th.

Little Jackie

Giant Step’s new artist Little Jackie is a fun blend of sass and style. The hip-pop sound is a combination of singer-songwriter Imani Coppola and programmer Adam Pallin. Together, their July release The Stoop is perfect for cruising to the beach or chillin’ at a cook-out. Songs “Black Barbie” and title track “The Stoop” are catchy and full of attitude.

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams has come out with a banger! Tracks like “Hungover”, “Stop this Car” and “Thank You” are ‘odes to the independent woman mantra Destiny's Child set out to create. However, Ms. Williams is trailblazing into a lane all her own. Poppy, clubby and slick are a few words that describe this unexpected release. Although her August release has been pushed to October, she is bringing the heat just in time for winter.

As seem's newly launched section called BLACK LIFE...only a few weeks old. !

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Miss Thing's Boutique said...

Hello There!

I was just chatting with another boutique online and she mentioned your program and what you do. I think it is amazing and thank GOD for people like you. My name is Angela and I am the Owner / Artist / Designer of Miss Thing’s Boutique. I am involved in helping and donating to children with a cause as well. As of right now, I am in the process of making 252 tutus and pettiskirts to donate to all types of ill children through Children’s Healthcare Of Atlanta. It is amazing organization with amazing children to fill it up. (There are actually 2 locations.) I also volunteer my time on Fridays to go out there (an hour and a half away) to do an arts and crafts time with the children. We usually paint ceramic tiles with their handprints, make tutus for those who can, and much more!

I got involved with doing this when I had my 5th, AND LAST!, child. I have had 2 family members pass from a for of cancer. One 17 months old. The other 29. My cousin’s 6 year-old daughter was diagnosed with Wilm’s Tumor almost 2 years ago and is still fighting. My goal has been to donate some of my work to these children (tutus, boutique bibs & burps, pettiskirts, hand-painted personalized items and more) to help give them as much of a fun and “normal” life as I can. I enjoy doing it simply to brighten at least 1 day a week of their lives.

Anyhow, the woman that I was talking to told me about The Boom Boom Room that you all do in LA in January. I would absolutely LOVE to come and do anything I can do to help! I do not mind volunteering my work and time for this. It would be an honor. If you are interested in anything of mine, please feel free to reach me by email at or by phone at 678-261-8371. Again, I would be honored to help in any way!

Thank you for your time,


SheNotes Entertainment said...

Angela, thanks so much! Your comments are much appreciated!

Kool.Kid.Kris said...

Raychelle! You mentioned some of my absolute favorites. Keri Hilson is totally my insipration right now and I am liking Little Jackie more and more. I'm looking forward to Jazmine Sullivan too. Thanks for spotlighting such talents ladies tearing up the charts!