Wednesday, August 13, 2008

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE & Rick Ross Partner For Charity.

Kudos to Rick Ross for his charity work. The sad part is that if you were to Google this even you would only see the negative. This event was peaceful and everyone had a great time!
Thanks to Rochelle Hill, Precision Plus communications for sending this info over for me! Ya'll know that SheNotes LOVES the kids! :-)

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Hosted Rick Ross Charities Party at B.E.D.
The Benefit Supports the Distribution of Free Backpacks for Students and
Complimentary Health Screenings for Families

Miami Beach, Fl. - BOMBAY SAPPHIRE spotlights Rick Ross, Slip N Slide Records recording artist, for his support of the communities in need. Through its sponsorship of the benefit party, which took place on Wednesday, Aug. 6, more families will be able to receive free health screenings and more children will receive backpacks and school supplies to kick off the school year. Rick Ross Charities was able to serve over 2,000 children and families as a result of this year's efforts. That night, Rick Ross gave an impromptu, 45-minute performance (after jumping up onto the highest bed) of mostly all of his songs, which the fans loved him for. The crowd joined in and sang along in the background. Of course, he came with celebrity friends, including Webbie, Mass Pike Myles (of Ross' own label Mayback Music), Torch and recording artist Brisco of Poe Boy Entertainment. Even White Boy from VH1's " I Love New York 2," was in the house.
BOMBAY SAPPHIRE rewarded Ross' hard work and quenched his thirst and those of the fans with a VIP cocktail hour presentation featuring specialty drinks, such as the " Miami Breeze" and the " Sapphire Collins." But more importantly, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE supported positivity and Rick Ross' community service efforts and was honored to highlight his accomplishments by sponsoring the good ol' fashioned, fundraising, fun jam with MCs on the mike. Awareness and support of this nature, from hip-hop and rap fans, is greatly needed.

About Rick Ross Charities, Inc.
Rick Ross Charities, Inc. is a non-profit, 501 (c) (3), founded by Rick Ross in 2006. Rick Ross Charities' mission is to strengthen the lives of today's at-risk youth from all backgrounds and create diversity by providing solid resources through education advocacy, mentoring programs and financial resources to deserving students. Rick Ross is committed to having Rick Ross Charities, Inc. serve as a catalyst to inspire positive change by creating and supporting programs that uplift the well being of todays youth. Rick Ross Charities provides community support through various programs and projects such as the annual " Rick Ross Be Out Day", Thanksgiving turkey giveaways, holiday gift giveaways, a college scholarship fund financial seminars and a host of others.
About B.E.D.
B.E.D. has attracted South Beach's creme de la creme as well as leading celebrities from Paris Hilton, Simon Rex, Shaquille O'Neal, Jamie Foxx, Wilmer Valderrama, Lennox Lewis, John Mayer, Scott Storch, Sean "Diddy" Combs, Will Smith, Larry Johnson, Timbaland, Johnny Knoxvillle and Gwen Stephanie. The new and improved B.E.D. is proud to show off its enhanced look and boasts all that South Beach has been craving in the social and gastronomic scene. For more information, please call 305.532.9070 or visit
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An email from a reader:

I find it interesting that one week after Ross speaks out, only one media outlet ( reported on the charity party that BOMBAY SAPPHIRE sponsored for Rick Ross' Charities to help support families in need. The party took place at B.E.D. on the same date. Rick performed for 45-minutes and the crowd sang along. Ross' Poe Boy Family was in the house and Webbie performed also, all without incident!