Friday, May 30, 2008

Cake For ME Everyday!

Today I felt like celebrating. It’s not my birthday, or the birthday of anyone that I know, I just wanted to celebrate. I thought, “why not?” I have so much to be thankful for and my blessings are more than I can count. I am living my life by design and I continue to accomplish both my personal and professional goals. Doesn’t that sound like something to celebrate?

So I have decided to celebrate SOMETHING at least once a day, everyday. Cake everyday for me!!! J In theory of course but that’s what works for me since cake is one of my favorite things.

The way I see it everyday that I open my eyes, stretch my limbs and thank the creator for one more day, I can celebrate. That’s my cake! Exciting right??

Anything after that, like being able to work in a field that I enjoy, with people that I actually like is my icing. And the people that enhance my life: my family and friends that love me, they are my sprinkles. The cherry is me because all of these things help me to feel whole and brings me full circle.

This is not to say that everyday is happy, happy, joy, joy. Life happens and it can sometimes catch us off guard. Ending relationships, saying good bye to loved ones or losing dear friends is never easy. Falling short of our personal objectives and goals can be disheartening. If we don’t allow ourselves to become attached to the pain and suffering we will realize these things are circumstances that will pass AND we still have our cake and ourselves! Trust and believe that fresh icing and new sprinkles will come! And when you feel whole and complete again, you can pop that cherry right back on top and marvel at the celebration of YOU…just because.

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