Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Big Ced says "Rappaz R.N. Dainja!"

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It Needs To Be CED: Rappaz R. N. Dainja

Suge Knight getting knocked out! DMX arrested AGAIN! Remy Ma sentenced to eight years in jail! Foxy Brown pleads guilty! It seems like it’s a weekly thing for rappers to be in the headlines for their own ignorance, despite them acknowledging and complaining about the ‘Hip-Hop Police’. True, it may be so and there may be a task force targeting rappers, but knowing that, why are these rappers STILL being ignorant and thinking that they can get away with illegal activities?

Not only do you know you are breaking the law, you also know that you are being watched, so why continue ignorance, then complain when you are not only caught, but convicted of your crime? It’s not like Foxy Brown didn’t ignore the judge in her case after numerous warnings of her conduct. It’s not like Remy Ma didn’t know that shooting someone is illegal. It’s not like T.I. didn’t know that purchasing illegal firearms, especially being a convicted felon, will place you back in jail. It’s not like Prodigy didn’t know that the guns in his possession were against the law. You get my point?

And I am getting sick of the ‘FREE so and so’ campaigns that is immediately launched when a rapper gets arrested. More than likely, those same people knew the consequences of their actions, so they placed themselves in the position to be arrested and jailed. Yes, the system works against minorities, yes, the police seem to have a vendetta against rappers, yes, the ignorance affects our youth who look up to these same ignorant rappers. Will it ever stop?

Instead of complaining to the media about how the rappers are being unfairly targeted, why don’t the rappers just stay out of trouble, stop doing illegal sh*& and be smart about their careers? You can’t make real money in jail, especially if you are a high profile rapper. And another thing, stop being so damn angry!!

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