Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Thermal Soundwaves Is More Than Just An Alternative To Fast Food Radio!

Thermal Soundwaves present "The Odd Couple" MixTape.
Hey ya'll. If you haven't had a chance to cop this mixtape do it! It's so hot..I listen to it all day. It will have you "Prepping"and "Sassooning" at your desk all day long because the old school flava is crazy!
I was able to to a quick Q&A with C Truth (see below) just to see what else he and his road dog Kev have been up to...check it out.

1) What does Thermal Soundwaves offer the airwaves besides an alternative to fast food radio?

Thermal Soundwaves offers entertainment, culture, politics, travel tips, health and anything else that is essential to living well.

2) How long has the show been on the air?

Thermal Soundwaves has been on the air for 13 years and still going strong.

3) What do you want your listeners to get out of every show?

We want listeners to get information, fun, good music, exposure to art from cities & countries outside of their home market, and a feeling that we are all friends having the same experience simultaneously even though we are not in the same space physically. Lastly, a good time they will tell others about.

4) I know the show travels. Where have you been lately?

The show has recently visited Hollywood, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, and St.Louis.

5) What inspired this last mixtape?

"How to get on the radio Vol 2" was inspired from many listeners, producers, or artist who truly ask us that question all the time. We decided to put together an entertaining "self help" mixtape to outline the answer to that very question. You can expect much more in this series. "Odd Couple" was sparked in part from our varying personalities and how they meld together. We also wanted to put together some music from a time where music was just pure old fun and women could vibe to.

6) What's next for Thermal Soundwaves?

Thermal Soundwaves is currently positioning itself to be a recognizable entity across viral and visual media outlets whether; tv, radio, internet, or v.o.d you will see it everywhere.


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