Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Akim Camara

This little one is a miniature music genius! And as cute as he wants to be. Check him out...

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Akim Camara

Andre Rieu had the Tuxedo made especially for 3 year old Akim. Together, at the Roda Stadium they played before 18,000 admiring people.

Berlin - Mozart started at the age of four. Akim Camara was only two when he got his first violin instruction at the school of Music, Marzahn Hellersdorf. Today the miracle child is five years old and the youngest student of the college of music "Hanns Eisler". He gave his first concert while still in diapers.

Birgit Thiele still remembers exactly how Akim stood before her with his plastic toy violin in May 2003. This experience took the violin teacher's breath away. Akim still could not speak correctly however; he knew the names of all the orchestral instruments. In addition to that, he had a good ear for music. Birgit Thiele instructed the small boy twice a week for 45 minutes each lesson. Akim participated with enthusiasm and learned unbelievably fast. In December of that year, the two year old played with the school of music at the Christmas-Concert "Schneefloeckchen, Weissbroeckchen"

Nevertheless Akim is a normal little boy who goes to pre-school and likes to play and likes his toy bears and elephants. However, what he loves to play most is his violin or the piano, which he learns as a second instrument. Exactly like young Mozart at that time.

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Andre Rieu & Akim Camara - Dance Of The Fairies

Carla Maffioletti and Akim Camara sing Pie Jesu

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