Wednesday, March 19, 2008

SheNote's Spotlight: A&R Kay K Rosemond

Lyonel "Kay-Kay" Rosemond

SheNote's Spotlight had a chance to chat with Lyonel "Kay-Kay" Rosemond. Fresh off the Erykah Badu (New Amerykah in stores now) project, the Universal Motown A&R agreed to share some insight to the entertainment game as he sees it. Since joining his uncle Jimmy Henchman's management company in 1994 and being hired by Motown as an A&R, he has gone on to work with artist such as Erykah Badu, Chico Debarge, Lil Wayne and Joe. When meeting him you won't notice the edgy, snootiness that radiated from most industry folk. Instead, you will meet a brotha that is rooted in his Muslim faith, deeply spiritual and grounded in raising his son and spending as much time as possible with family.
I saw him in passing periodically throughout the Erykah project but haven't had a change to sit with him until now.

SN I know you just finished the Erykah Badu project. How was that process for you?

KK It was a long process, but a master piece doesn’t get painted in one day!! Long sleepless night in the studio but it was worth it!!!

SN Who is up next? What are you currently working on?

KK Well right now I’m working on “New Amerykah” Pt. 2 –Return Of the Unk, but looking to sign this rap group named “Sa Ra”

SN Where do you feel that you have made the biggest impact in the entertainment business?

KK Well a big impact on the music business I haven’t yet made but it's comin! I’m just trying to make good music for the people that they can listen to for years to come! No one-hit wonders, or pop corn music! Music that heals ya soul!!

SN Do you believe it is WHO you know or WHAT you know that will get you in the door as an artist? And why?

KK Well you defiantly have to know 1 or 2 people to get in the door! And you really must know a bit about the business in order to survive in this game!

SN What is your take on artist development? Does it still exist?

KK There is no more artist development and that’s why a lot of the artist we sign today don’t stick around for long! They barely know how to speak or hold an intelligent conversation! Better yet conduct a proper interview! And that’s why we are in this mess now!! It does not exist

SN What is your favorite type of artist to work with?

KK The Alternative Soul Music artist (we don’t say Neo Soul anymore) – But the Erykah Badu, Dwayne Wiggins, Chico DeBarge, De’Angelo, Joe!! They are real music makers, they all play instruments and can hold a note as well as put a song together from beginning to end, a bridge, melodies and hooks! There is no yaaaaaar tricks yaaaaar in they’re music!! That’s not real music!

SN Is there an indie artist out there right now that you think needs a deal?

KK Sa Ra, Jae Electronica, Strange Fruit, Spot, Brother Ali, Josiah Bell, D’Emile and the list goes on!!

SN You have made alot of power moves in the business. Do you have a formula?

KK Humility is the Key!! Eat a lot of humble pie, it sucks but it will always work out for you! I promise! And always put God first and he’ll make it happen for you!

SN What was your objective when you first came into the business?

KK Just to get a platinum plaque with my name on it! But when I finally got it I really wanted more! I set a goal and accomplished it. That’s what people need to do! Set goals, write it all down and put it in the universe and bring your thoughts to life! (But the real answer is: to make a change in the game, by giving the people great music).

SN So you have made your contributions to the business?

KK Yep, by giving the people great music!!!!

SN And finally, what do you want producers and indies to know about getting their foot in the door or about having longevity in the entertainment business?

KK I say it over and over again!! This business is 95% business and only 5% music, get an atty. Make sure your have a manager, and make sure if you believe in your craft spend your monies on it!! But make sure you on top of your business this is Babylon and you can easily get lost in the sauce!! The music business is the devils play ground, so be careful young people!!
Nuff said!
Peace ya'll,

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