Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Larry Woodard Blogs About NAMD's Marketing Mondays.

Last night NAMD hosted another informative and engaging Marketing Monday titled "New Media and How to Use it to Create Engaging, Results-Oriented Advertising Campaigns".

On the panel was Denitria, The Dnyree Group (Blue Flame, WalMart); Mike Street, Zezza Network (Beam Global Wine & Spirits); Alissa Jenkins, Wieden & Kennedy(ESPN) and Larry Woodard, Vigilante Advertising (Heineken, General Motors, Sprint).

As you can imagine the information that was shared was invaluable! I was thrilled to see that out panelists were just as excited to be there as we were to have them.

Below it the blog from Larry Woodard's blog, The Idea Machine.

Thanks Larry!


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A Glimpse at the Future of Advertising & Marketing

My parents moved to Alabama when I was 27 years old. I was recently married and had started my own firm after working for a local advertising agency. A few years later, I sent them tickets to come up and visit us as well as some of their old friends. I’ll never forget the look of pride on my father’s face as we drove into the parking lot of my office. It was located in a suburban office park. Once inside he walked slowly through each office taking everything in. He put his hand on my shoulder and said approvingly, “You’ve passed me!”

That was 22 years ago. Neither I nor my father could have envisioned what great things the industry had in store for me, but I have never forgotten that look he gave me or the words he said. Today, our economy is faltering and the advertising industry is being challenged by Cyrus Mehri and the Madison Avenue project to become more inclusive. I often find myself wondering where the industry is headed and where the next generation of leaders is.

After tonight, I have no more questions. I was part of a panel discussion hosted by the National Alliance of Market Developers (NAMD) New York Chapter. I could not have been more impressed by the young people in attendance. They were bright, inquisitive, determined and undaunted. I witnessed in them the same fire I had more than 25 years ago that allowed me to forge a career out of hope and determination even when I rarely saw anyone who looked like me. They have the same fire but they are smarter and have more information than I did.

I caught a glimpse of the future of marketing and advertising tonight. It was a brilliant white light and hot to the touch. It was a group of young people who will take what you will not give them and leave it for future generations better than it is now.

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