Monday, December 15, 2008

Top 10 Things You Should Know As An Unsigned Artist!

Top 10 Tips Given By "Reality". Check it out, he is droppnig jewels!!!!

1.) Network - Networking is one of the major keys to success if you’re an unsigned artist. "Your Net Work often determines your Net Worth." Find out who some of the major players are in your area and start establishing relationships that can help you on your road to success.

2.) Unique Material - Often times artists try and make music that sounds like or similar to a record that is currently successful. This has had a major effect on the creativity in music. If you create your own unique material, and make it quality it will be a whole lot easier for you to stand out of the thousands of artists that are out there.

3.) Work Ethic - You must have a tenacious work ethic, if you want totake your career to the next level. If that means you have to work a 9-5 job during the day and work on your career immediately after, then so be it. I always say if you work 8 hours for someone else, you should work at least 8 hours if not more for your own dream. This not only will help you make progress in your career, it will also be motivation to those on your team.

4.) New Media - The internet has caused a revolution in the way we operate. It is one of the best ways to market yourself for the least amount of money. You can create a movement online that can span around the globe. Make sure you develop your website as well as sites like, Myspace, Facebook and work the internet like it is the streets.

5.) Teamwork - Team work is one of the main keys to success. Many great artists have had teams that believed in them and supported them before anyone else. Make sure you have a strong support system that will help, motivate, and support you through out your road to success. It is tough to be every where and do every thing by yourself. Work smarter not harder and team work is the smartest way to work.

6.) Be able to take Criticism - If you are an artist you have to have thick skin. You will constantly face criticism and rejection on your road to success. Once you make it and become successful you will face twice as much criticism. Therefore, be open to helpful criticism that can help you grow as an artist. The flip side to that is to not feed too much into constant negative criticism from people who don't see your vision. Those people might not see what you see yet.

7.) Performing - Artists performance skills often dictates the growth of his or her movement. Remember people want to see someone on stage do what the average person in the audience can't do. If you are a great performer you will help create fans. Fans often results in sales and so forth.

8.) Marketing - Artist should market themselves in a way that is believable and genuine. If you are an artist from the suburbs but you try to come off as an artist from the hood, people will eventually see through your image. You want to market yourself as much as possible. However, make sure it is unique and authentic. Stay true to yourself.

9.) Learn The Language - Unsigned artist should understand the terms that are beneficial to them. Artist or management should understand common terms such as BDS, Sound scan, Media base, and etc. A lot of artists even neglect setting up publishing with ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC. They are critical and beneficial to them receiving royalties for your music. Understand the language and use it to your advantage.

10.) Never Give Up - If it is your dream to be in the music business then you have to be committed to achieving your dream. Like the legend Bob Marley said "When one door is closed, another is open." Don't give up if you get rejected, focus on your dream and push forward.

Jamaal "Reality" Meeks is currently an A&R for SRC/ Universal Records.He is also Co-CEO of All Is One Entertainment that puts on monthly showcases called Faces In The Crowd for the unsigned community. So far they have helped 4 artist get major label deals in the last couple years. One artist we have helped get signed threw our showcase is "Chrisette Michelle" She is currently featured on Jay-Z new single "Lost Ones" This is the premiere showcase in NYC. Jamaal is also a talented producer and has produced music for many of the shows you see on MTV and VH1 (TRL, Direct Effect, Cribs, Real World, VH1 Hip Hop Honors, Made, Sweet 16, 50 cent House Party, Shady National Convention, to name a few. I have also produced and worked with the likes of Bishop Lamont (Aftermath Records), Camp Lo (SRC/ Universal Motown Records), Majic Massey (SRC? Universal Motown Records), Posta Boy, Prodigy (Mobb Deep), Taje (Thug Life), Yung RZ, Killa Mike (Purple Ribbon Records), D-Lou, Big Tuck (Universal Records), Tyree (MTC/ Universal New Zealand), and Flashy (Ruff Ryders/ Interscope Records) Jamaal Meeks is also CEO of Future History LLC which is an umbrella company for a management company, production company and clothing line.

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