Thursday, October 9, 2008

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This email was so timely this morning. Often when doing business especially with one another (women), we have to be mindful of our intent and purposes. I think that these 3 tips are a great way assure that we are really just about our business and are not allowing other non relevant feelings and emotions to interfere.


Daily LaunchTip
From Victoria Colligan, Founder, Ladies Who Launch.

"Whenever I draft email communication I find that checking myself for any passive aggressive indications is essential to maintaining and building solid business relationships."

Here are three easy that I use to check myself:

1. Read each sentence and ask yourself: Am I saying exactly what I mean or am I intending for someone to figure out an alternative meaning that I have not explicitly stated here?

2. Is any part of my communication being driven by emotions that are outside of the scope of this business relationship. Try to develop an awareness of your emotions in every situation.

3. Is this communication better done in person or by phone even though I might feel uncomfortable? If the answer is yes, pick up the phone. Email often distorts meaning and can work against you in getting to your goal.

Ladies Who Launch is the first new media company to provide resources and connections for women entrepreneurs. Women are launching businesses at twice the rate of men, and they are doing it primarily for lifestyle reasons–they want more freedom, flexibility, and creativity in their lives. The Ladies Who Launch mission is to make entrepreneurship accessible to any woman with a project, dream or aspiration to start her own business and be successful. We have found a definitive link between launching a business and higher self-esteem and happiness; it is our hope that women will come to Ladies Who Launch and take advantage of our trusted community, tools, resources and success stories and live their dreams.


Kool.Kid.Kris said...

I love Ladies Who Launch. The ideas is so empowering and necessary. The founder's make some key points. Thanks for sharing :-)

Anonymous said...

Email guidelines are so key! Thanks for the reminder.