Thursday, October 25, 2007

How Does A Group Outside Of A Major Market Get Noticed?

So the question was asked, "How does a group outside of a major markets get noticed or compete with the mainstream?"

Here are a couple of suggestions:

* The internet key! Get online and do some research. You will find a ton of information about online magazines that review indie music. There are tons of .coms that allow you to submit your music and online radio stations that will play unsigned artists.

* Myspace of course!

* If you feel like your project is ready to move to the next level , make sure that you have the proper tools in place to compete in the mainstream arena. Bio, pictures, any press or info on you or your project and current contact information. You may want to consider an EPK (electronic press kit) that has all of your information at the stroke of a key! (more to come on EPKS as well)

* Make sure that your team (PR, Marketing, Promotions) has contacts and relationships outside of your local market. Again, if you are looking to branch out, you should have access.

* Check out The Indie Review CD. This CD gives you direct access to industry professionals and they actually give you feedback on your music. (

These are just a couple of suggestions. Instead of reaching out to the industry professionals on this one, I decided to show and tell. Below you will find the video of D.O. , The fabulous Drifter.

He is from Denver, Colorodo, not considered a major market for music, but he has been gaining momentum with his project. You can check the blog later to hear what he has to say about his journey but in the meantime, check out his video "Wake Up".


STEEZ said...

beautiful! EDUCATE!!!
thank you...i'll absorb and pass the words of wisdom....thank you for posting this.

Peace and blessings,

william said...

I really appreciate the love have been one of the realist people I've been blessed to meet, hell you inspire me to keep movin'. You are the Queen B of the Go-Getters Union! Keep inspiring!

D.O. The Fabulous Drifter a.k.a. Spirit of Marcus Garvey

FivePointsPlan said...

Thanks for featuring my man D.O.! Still your biggest fan in the Mile High,
Col. Hector Bravado
From Denver, Colorado